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New Corsets from Passion8

Turn up the heat with the exquisite Beauty Night Helen suspender set. Complete with gorgeous underbust design and lace up front, Helen comes complete with matching thong and is presented in a Beauty Night box – the perfect gift.

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Why Red…

You have presumably found this page from your love of red underwear.  We are of the same ilk, RED UNDERWEAR ROCKS!!!

Latest name on site: La Rouge Boutique, a UK based Lingerie Boutique, each season they launch thousands of new items and ideas across the site. They carry every style of lingerie – from bridalwear through to Sexy Lingerie. So whatever point you’re at in your life, they’re there with you. The have some AMAZING Red Corsets, ample Red Thongs, they don’t have many Red Bras, but they have a wide range of other colours

red bras

View all the Red Bra’s available from Figleaves’ online store

If it’s Underwear for Valentines Day, that special birthday, Bridal underwear, Christmas or even New Year Underwear, it has to be Red!! Red Bras, Red Briefs, Red Thongs, Red Corsets, Red Bustiers and the best voucher discounts we can lay our hands on for any red lingerie you’re looking for!

Girls like red, guys like red, everybody likes red!
We all see that flash of red underwear every so often, magazines, celebrities and of course the beach for the swimwear. There is a truly big market for it out there…
That’s where “Red Underwear” comes in, it has to be red, why? Because everyone has some form of red lingerie in their possession!

So that question again, Why Red?
A University ran a series of tests for Males, to see if red really aids attractiveness.
Under all of the test conditions, the women shown framed by or wearing red were rated significantly more attractive and sexually desirable by men than the exact same women shown with other colours. When wearing red, the woman was also more likely to score an invitation to the prom and to be treated to a more expensive outing.

So there you have it – the proof is in the pudding! (the red version anyways)!

There’s More
Italian Red:
According to Italian tradition, wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve will bring the wearer buona fortuna, as will eating zuppa di lenticchie con cotechino, but the red underwear sounds a lot better and way more fun!
(Red Underwear on NY eve also means you will find love for the following year)!